Saturday, 7 March 2009

Britannia Six-zone Induction Range Cookers

Britannia have released their first ever six-zone induction range cookers and prospective sales are looking good. Induction cookers are becoming so much more poopular these days because they are clean, effectve and controllable. You can oil two pints of water on an induction hob in just 5 minutes, compared to 9 minutes for gas and 11 minutes for ceramic. Bet you didn't know that!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Britannia Cookery Demonstration

Just thought that I would let all of you Britannia enthusiasts know that the manufacturer is holding a cookery demonstration on the 6th December at Steamer Trading in Marlow. There will be a home economist there from 10am til 4pm who will be able to show you how to get the most out of your Britannia six zone induction range cooker.

Now Marlow is in Buckinghamshire so some people who want to get there won't be able to, but I'll be sure to keep you posted on any upcoming events by Britannia that might be a bit closer to where you are.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Classic Cookers

A really nice lady contacted me the other day because she wanted something that would suit her traditional style kitchen. She did not want a shiny, metallic or black gloss cooker. She wanted something that was elegant, possibly in a more subdued cream colour. She melted when she saw the Britannia Classic range and thought that it was perfect. I had always thought of Britannia as being brightly coloured and modern, but they seem to impress with the classics as well for the more traditional kitchens.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Review of Britannia Range Cookers, Excelling in a Difficult Market

There is no doubt that recent times have seen families tighten their purse strings when it comes to luxury items, and many manufacturers have struggled to maintain sales in this sector. One brand in the UK however, has seen sales grow 12% year on year despite the high ticket price for their top-end range cooking products.
Britannia Living, based in Blackpool, Lancashire, have been the leading range cooker specialist in the UK for over a decade. They offer a selection of contemporary, modern, traditional and classic cookers, and matching cooker hoods and splashbacks.
The range topping models from Britannia are the Sigma and the newer XG cookers. The Sigma is available in a choice of cream, gloss black or stainless steel. This model is a more modern style and should match any kitchen but for the more traditional.
It comes with flame failure devices for safety, meaning that the gas will cut out if the flame is blown out for any reason. The triple glazed doors means that the ovens can be touched even when cooking at high temperatures. Other feature include an electronic programmer, a storage drawer and both ovens are A rated for efficiency.
The newer XG range cooker includes a seperate grill compartment to offer solo grilling without having to use the main oven. This saves energy and makes it easier to clean when you just use the one smaller compartment. This Britannia cooker also features flame failure device, stay clean oven liners, A-rated multifunction ovens and a rotisserie. The XG range now includes a 110cm range cooker with Chef Top.
All Britannia range cookers have a 2 year parts and labour guarantee as standard.

Britannia Xg - Which is Best for Me?

Britannia introduced the XG range cooker, which includes a dedicated grill compartment, to offer even greater flexibility in the kitchen. Each model in the Britannia XG range has an energy efficiency rating A so here are no worries there and its choice of contemporary and classic designs in a variety of stylish colours, means that there is a model to suit everyone.
SIGMA XG dual fuel range cooker has a twin oven and is available in sizes: 110cm and 100cm.
This contemporary cooker has a stainless steel trim and is available in three colours- Cream, black or stainless steel, which makes it perfect for any modern kitchen whether it is glossy or wood throughout.
The internal electric grill featured in both the ovens means that combined with a further separate grill compartment, you will never run out of space to grill. So you can be cooking bacon on one grill whilst grilling the toast in the other. Put them both together and you have a well timed, stress free bacon sandwich.
Both ovens also feature oven stay clean liners meaning one less job for you. But for the bits that do need cleaning, the triple glazed doors and inner glass panels on both ovens are removable meaning that cleaning is quicker and easier.
The smaller of the two ovens includes a rotisserie for spit roasting, showing that with Britannia XG it really is all about the taste. And this is a great feature to take full advantage of for social gatherings and large family meals.
This dual fuel cooker also features a stainless steel hot plate that uses gas. It has electric ignition and cast iron pan supports so no nasty accidents. In fact, the Britannia XG in general is very safety conscious and includes flame failure devices to keep you and your family safe.
The SIGMA Britannia XG comes with extra storage space at the lower right of the range cooker, levelling feet and a plinth to make your cooker as secure as possible.
The DYNASTY XG range cooker is also dual fuel and includes a twin oven the same as the SIGMA. It has all the same features as the SIGMA oven, is available in the same sizes and the same colours and also has a stainless steel trim. So what is so special about this particular Britannia XG model? Well, the Dynasty certainly has a professional feel to it and would look fantastic in a glossy modern kitchen. Its sleek contemporary design coupled with the solid door construction and chunky controls make it an impressive looking appliance.
Similarly, the CLASSIC cookers in the Britannia XG range again have the same number of ovens and the same amount of grilling space and all the other features that the SIGMA and the DYNASTY have. The differences are purely aesthetic and so the choice you make should be based purely on which cooker you find most attractive as the prices are the same as well at around £3799.
The major difference with the CLASSIC range is that it oozes elegance. From the arched glass panels on the oven doors to the beautiful chrome trim, this cooker belongs in a traditional kitchen where cooking is enjoyed rather than seen as a chore.
The CLASSIC Britannia XG cooker is also available in the same colours as the other two, but there are two choices available for the trim- the chrome which comes as standard. Or the brass, which is available by special order only.
So for a contemporary versatile cooker for any style of kitchen it has to be the SIGMA. For a sleek professional look, go for the DYNASTY and for pure elegance and craftsmanship, choose the CLASSIC.

Britannia E Line Range Cookers Review

The dual fuel cookers, which are available in sizes 90cm and 100cm, come with an energy efficiency rating B and a stainless steel trim. Whichever size cooker you decide upon in the Britannia E Line range, you will have a choice of colours- stainless steel or glossy black, both of which will easily fit into the surroundings of a modern kitchen.
The Britannia E Line range provides the consumer with two ovens, which is great for large families and for entertaining guests. Both ovens feature integral electric grills and double- glazed see- through doors and internal oven lights so you can easily see how well that roast is coming along without even having to open the oven door.
Whether you go for the 90cm size cooker in the Britannia E Line range or the 100cm, the oven to the left will be 60cm in width. This nine function electric oven includes the very clever Quickstart fast preheat system so that you can get on with preparing and cooking your meal without having to wait twenty minutes for the oven to heat up.
The left oven also comes with a fully automatic programmer and minute minder, so no more ruined meals.
If you decide that the 90cm Britannia E Line cooker is the one for you, the oven on the right of the cooker will be 30cm in width. This oven only has four functions in comparison to the nine on the left oven. However, it does have a rotisserie so that you can spit roast your meat if you fancy a bit of a change. The 100cm Britannia E Line cooker has the same features as the 90cm cooker, but it is slightly bigger at 40cm in width.
As well as the twin oven, the dual fuel Britannia E Line range also features a gas hotplate. The hotplate has electronic ignition making your cooking experience safer as there is no naked flame needed to ignite the gas. Safer still, the gas hotplate includes three cast iron pan supports to minimise spillage and flame failure devices are available if you want them as an optional extra on your Britannia E Line cooker.
As well as everything I have mentioned above, the Britannia E Line range of cookers comes with height adjustable legs for your convenience. From an environmental point of view, this range can be converted to LPG if you are keeping tabs on your carbon footprint.
Britannia was established in 1985 and was one of the first companies to introduce range cookers in the United Kingdom. The business started with a very small team and his since grown steadily, which led to their move to larger premises in 1999 - Britannia House.
There are now over fifty people employed at their head offices and they have our own delivery and installation team, as well as a great number of service engineers to ensure good customer support. The 2 years warranty offers parts and labour security. Based in Blackpool, they can be contacted through their website.

Britannia Hobs - Bringing the Outside in

As usual, Britannia have focused their design around functionality and the professional gas Britannia hobs are designed to sit directly within the worktop area of your kitchen, so there is no need to worry if you have an expensive work surface as there is no need to cut into it with Britannia hobs.
The professional gas Britannia hobs are available in sizes 60cm, 90cm and 120cm and they are designed so that your worktop edges will sit flush against the hotplate. These hotplates are some of the highest quality, most durable and most functional of any of the Britannia hobs.
Outside of the Professional range, Britannia also has eight gas hotplates to choose from in sizes 60cm, 70cm and 90cm. One of the 90cm Britannia hobs with four burners also contains the Chef Top in the centre, which is made of high-quality stainless steel, so you can use any metal utensil without ever scratching the surface. The stainless steel is also simple to clean and the Chef Top is an extremely healthy, simple and tasty way of cooking.
There are also two ceramic touch control Britannia hobs available. This ceramic hob has beveled edges surrounding the glass on this Britannia hob, which makes a nice change to some of the more conventional designs around. In keeping with the modern style of this Britannia hob, all the heating zones on these ceramic Britannia hobs are powered by hi-tech ribbon ultra-fast response elements. This means that the ceramic touch control Britannia hob can boil quicker than almost any other hob around.
Although Britannia hobs are always practical and efficient, another selection of modular hobs is available that excel in these two areas. With a selection of modular Britannia hobs, you can mix and match your Britannia hob options to suit your own kitchen and cooking needs and your own personal lifestyle. In essence, this selection allows you to personalise your Britannia hob and make it individual to you.
If you do decide to opt for a modular Britannia hob, you have several options to choose from. Your options are a wok gas hob, a two burner gas hob, a ceramic hob, an electric BBQ hob, an electric griddle hob and an electric deep fat fryer. Each of the modular Britannia hobs comes in size 30cm, which means that if you have a 90cm cooker, you would ideally be able to choose three from the selection to make up your cooking zone.
Rain will never be allowed to spoil a Barbeque again with the electric lava stone BBQ Britannia hob, which takes indoor cooking to a new level. It has a removable lava stone tray to make it easier for you to clean and is an absolute must have for the contemporary cook.
All Britannia Hobs are covered by a manufacturers warranty of 2 years for parts and 2 years for labour. The manufacturer is based in Blackpool, Lancashire in the UK. The company has had a major presence in this market for decades, and prides itself on the quality and functionality of it's cooking products.