Monday, 14 July 2008

Britannia Hobs - Bringing the Outside in

As usual, Britannia have focused their design around functionality and the professional gas Britannia hobs are designed to sit directly within the worktop area of your kitchen, so there is no need to worry if you have an expensive work surface as there is no need to cut into it with Britannia hobs.
The professional gas Britannia hobs are available in sizes 60cm, 90cm and 120cm and they are designed so that your worktop edges will sit flush against the hotplate. These hotplates are some of the highest quality, most durable and most functional of any of the Britannia hobs.
Outside of the Professional range, Britannia also has eight gas hotplates to choose from in sizes 60cm, 70cm and 90cm. One of the 90cm Britannia hobs with four burners also contains the Chef Top in the centre, which is made of high-quality stainless steel, so you can use any metal utensil without ever scratching the surface. The stainless steel is also simple to clean and the Chef Top is an extremely healthy, simple and tasty way of cooking.
There are also two ceramic touch control Britannia hobs available. This ceramic hob has beveled edges surrounding the glass on this Britannia hob, which makes a nice change to some of the more conventional designs around. In keeping with the modern style of this Britannia hob, all the heating zones on these ceramic Britannia hobs are powered by hi-tech ribbon ultra-fast response elements. This means that the ceramic touch control Britannia hob can boil quicker than almost any other hob around.
Although Britannia hobs are always practical and efficient, another selection of modular hobs is available that excel in these two areas. With a selection of modular Britannia hobs, you can mix and match your Britannia hob options to suit your own kitchen and cooking needs and your own personal lifestyle. In essence, this selection allows you to personalise your Britannia hob and make it individual to you.
If you do decide to opt for a modular Britannia hob, you have several options to choose from. Your options are a wok gas hob, a two burner gas hob, a ceramic hob, an electric BBQ hob, an electric griddle hob and an electric deep fat fryer. Each of the modular Britannia hobs comes in size 30cm, which means that if you have a 90cm cooker, you would ideally be able to choose three from the selection to make up your cooking zone.
Rain will never be allowed to spoil a Barbeque again with the electric lava stone BBQ Britannia hob, which takes indoor cooking to a new level. It has a removable lava stone tray to make it easier for you to clean and is an absolute must have for the contemporary cook.
All Britannia Hobs are covered by a manufacturers warranty of 2 years for parts and 2 years for labour. The manufacturer is based in Blackpool, Lancashire in the UK. The company has had a major presence in this market for decades, and prides itself on the quality and functionality of it's cooking products.

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