Monday, 14 July 2008

Review of Britannia Dynasty Range Cookers

The Britannia Dynasty range cookers are available in the three standard Britannia colours of cream, gloss black or stainless steel and are all twin oven range cookers. The Britannia Dynasty range cooker has loads of great features added for safety, practicality and style. The triple glazed doors improve the efficiency of the cooker and also keeps it quieter making cooking an overall more pleasant experience.
This cooker also comes with an electronic programmer and a 24 hour clock which allows you to program your oven to start and stop at whatever times you want it to means that the Britannia Dynasty is the perfect range cooker for people with a busy lifestyle. The storage drawer is both useful and aesthetically pleasing and both ovens are A rated for efficiency, which means that this selection of Britannia Dynasty range cookers uses less energy than a lot of other cookers, but works just as well. So you save money, but do not sacrifice any of the quality and practicality of your cooking appliance.
The Britannia Dynasty range cooker is available as an XG range, which has its own compartment specifically for grilling. If you do decide to go for an XG Britannia Dynasty cooker, you have the choice of two sizes: 100cm or 110cm. And you get all the great features of an XG cooker. If you choose the 110cm XG Britannia Dynasty range cooker, it comes with a gas hotplate with six burners and a Chef Top, which is a stainless steel hotplate that is easy to use and allows you to cook healthily and make food taste even better. The Chef Top is a great way to cook for any meal of the day.
As with most of the domestic appliances that Britannia has on offer, the Britannia Dynasty is littered with safety features so that you can cook with ease of mind. The Flame Failure Device is a great safety device because if the flame is extinguished, the thermostat sensor will detect that no heat is being generated and it will automatically switch off the gas supply. So no more wondering whether you turned the gas off- with the Britannia Dynasty, it does the worrying for you.
The Britannia Dynasty standard range cooker has the grill in the oven and is available in size 100cm. But although there is not much choice surrounding the size of your Britannia Dynasty cooker, there are other ways to modify this model. For example, the 100cm Britannia Dynasty range cooker is available in three colours so there should not be any problems with suiting it to its new surroundings. You also get a choice as to whether you would prefer an all- electric cooker or a dual fuel cooker with the oven as electric and the hob as gas. There are also three hotplate options for you to chose from with the 100cm Britannia Dynasty: the basic gas hotplate with six burners, the gas hotplate with four burners and Chef Top, and the ceramic hotplate if you would prefer your Britannia Dynasty to be all- electric.

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