Monday, 14 July 2008

Britannia Ovens

With Britannia ovens, you get a choice of a 90cm built- in twin oven or built- in single oven. If you want something a bit narrower, there is also a 60cm double oven and a 60cm single oven available. Of all the ranges, the 90cm twin- ovens give the consumer the most choice.
The 60cm single oven only has one colour option: stainless steel trim and costs around £700. The 60cm twin oven also only has the one colour option and is only available as an all- electric appliance, as all Britannia ovens are. It has a guide price of around £1079.
Even the 90cm single oven does not have a choice of colour. It too is only available in stainless steel, but at least stainless steel is easy to clean and fits in well with most contemporary kitchens. The 90cm single oven has a guide price of £859.
The only Britannia oven in the built- in range that does come with a choice of colour is the 90cm twin oven. The colour options are stainless steel oven with stainless steel trim, a stainless steel oven with a chrome trim or a graphite oven with a chrome trim. Each of the 90cm twin Britannia ovens has a guide price of just under £1500.
So there is a choice of size and some choice of colour, but what features do built- in Britannia ovens have? All of Britannia's built-in appliances feature "Quickstart", which is a fast pre-heat function that allows the oven to reach the temperature of 200°C in six minutes. This is around three times faster than conventional ovens.
All of Britannia's main ovens have 9 functions and are all have an energy efficiency rating A. Energy efficient appliances use less energy, but achieve the same results. A rated is the most energy efficient and will save you more money than a lower rated energy efficient appliance in the long run.
The 60cm single oven is part of Britannia's Sigma range. The cheapest of Britannia's built- in ovens; it still manages to include triple glazed doors to improve the oven's efficiency and to keep the oven quiet. The 60cm single also has a fully automatic programmer with a 24 hour clock. This allows you to programme the exact times that your Britannia oven should turn on and off, which means that you could have your dinner ready for you when you get back from work, taking the inconvenience out of cooking after a long day.
The more expensive high end specification 90cm twin Britannia ovens have more features than the 60cm single as you would expect. But the most interesting of these, I think, is the Rotisserie in the smaller of the twin ovens. This is a bit different and allows you to broaden your horizons a bit by cooking pork, chicken and other game birds in a new way.
For Britannia ovens, it seems to be about the cooking and the taste rather than fancy gadgets. Britannia is associated with two cooking schools- the Meluki Cookery School in Beaconsfield and the Aldeburgh Cookery School in Suffolk, where courses are taught using Britannia ovens.

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